Configure your Web Player

Configure a player's look and feel

Color of your player

  1. Choose the accent colors of the Web Player by clicking on the color palette selection Color of your player.

  2. You can also provide a little guide to your readers that might not understand what the player button on your article's page means. We recommend describing an appealing call to action in the Player title section.

  3. Finish the creation of a Web Player by clicking Create new player button.

BotTalk values the privacy of your users; that is why our Web Player is fully GDPR compliant.

BotTalk is an official partner of the leading provider:

  1. Select the Provider in the dropdown, BotTalk vendor id will be automatically added.

  2. All you need to do now is select BotTalk as a vendor in the cookies consent management settings.

BotTalk's Vendoren ID ID: 1604

IAB ID: 1181

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