Extractor Rules

Add specific rules to control how BotTalk will extract text from your articles.

BotTalk Parser is very smart. It can analyze the website and decide what content is article text - and what is not. It makes intelligent decisions about what should be read aloud and left out (for example, photo descriptions, iframes, and tables).

If you want to adjust how BotTalk Parser makes those decisions - extracts content - you can do so by defining your own Extractor Rules.

You start by clicking Add extractor rule button.

For instance, this rule tells BotTalk always extract (and include in the audio edition) content inside the span element with the class name extract.

The left column describes the rules, and the right column - describes CSS selectors to which the rule should apply.

To change the rule, click on the left column. A dropdown will appear.

BotTalk supports the following extractor rules:

  • should: Always speak the content

  • should not: Never speak the content

  • should before: Speak the content before an article begins

  • should after: Speak the content after an article begins

  • publication date: If your website doesn't use standard JSON-LD format, please provide a CSS selector that surrounds publication dates in your articles. We described why publication dates are essential in the previous section.

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