Parser Settings

Parse your articles automatically. Set up specific rules for how BotTalk should parse your articles.

BotTalk Parser to work correctly, you must first configure it appropriately.

  1. Activate the BotTalk parser by checking the checkbox: Enable automatic parsing of articles.

  2. Enter your website URL.

  3. Set the starting date. BotTalk Parser will convert all articles published after this date into speech. The parser will ignore all articles published before this date.

  4. Update speech on article text change: a news article gets updated on average 2,8 times. Please check this checkbox if you want to keep your written articles in synch with the audio editions.

Setting the Include articles published after field is essential. If set incorrectly, you run into the risk of high TTS costs due to the audification of the whole archive of your website.

Whitelisting BotTalk Parser in Firewall

Sometimes BotTalk Parser can get blocked by your firewall settings.

You will see the error message in your browser console with 403 HTTP Error code, stating that BotTalk Parser can not access your website.

In order to fix this, please make sure to whitelist BotTalk Parser IPs and HTTP Headers:

BotTalk Parser IPs:

BotTalk Parser HTTP Headers:

"User-Agent", "bottalk/extractor.1.1."

Limiting TTS Costs

Avoiding to run into the risk of high TTS costs you can set a daily character limit. The limit is set by default at 100.000 characters.

To specify the limit, click on the checkbox "Daily Character Limit". Afterwards the field "Specify Limit" appears and you can set up your custom limit.

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