🏢Create an Organization

Create a workspace to manage your projects with your team.

Create your Organization

An Organization is a collaboration workspace that allows you to manage your Text-to-Speech projects with your team members.

  1. BotTalk will ask you to create an organization after your first login.

  2. Give your Organization a name and click the Save changes button.

  3. Go to your account in the top right corner. There you will find your organization settings. Now you can start managing your organization.

Invite Coworkers to Your Organization

An essential requirement for invitations to work: your co-worker should create a BotTalk account first. Otherwise, invitations will not work.

To work on projects together you can invite your coworkers to your organization.

  1. Go to your organization settings in the top right corner.

  2. In the ADD MEMBER section, fill out the email of your coworker's BotTalk account and select a role.

  3. Send the invite link.

  4. Your colleague's name should appear in the Members list with the status INVITED

You will get an error if your colleague does not have a BotTalk account. Now your team member will get an email with an invitation link.

Once your colleague confirms the invitation, the status in your Organization management settings should change to ACTIVE.

Organization Roles

You can always change the role of your organization members in your organization settings:

  • Administrators have all the same rights as you. They can add and exclude users. Also, they can delete BotTalk projects, articles, dictionaries, etc.

  • Editors have limited access. They can change project settings, edit

    articles and dictionaries. But they have no destructive powers: they can't delete whole projects, for example.

  • Viewers can only observe items inside your organization. They can open articles and listen to them.

Once you no longer need to collaborate with the user, you can revoke all the rights. You do so by clicking Exclude button.


How to move my private project to an organization

Here you can learn how to move your private project to an organization.

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