Recording platform

To simplify the recording process, BotTalk has developed a Recording Platform. With the help of this tool, the selected speaker can easily and quickly record the required audio.

Contact us if you want to create a custom voice with us and we will set up an account for your Organisation.

You can add several speakers to record their voices using the recording platform. BotTalk will automatically create several tasks to record. The speaker can record the sentences in one go or pause and continue the recording later.

BotTalk takes care of the post-production of the audio file by cutting the silence and clearing any noise. The audio data will be automatically processed, and afterward, you will receive a sample of the custom voice.

If the quality doesn't reach the expected level, the speaker can continue the recording by creating further tasks. BotTalk selects sentences that will improve the voice quality and are essential for the training.

BotTalk will open a Betatest in summer 2023. Contact us and book your place on the waiting list.

If you don't want to use the recording platform, please follow the technical guidelines.

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