Paywall Integration

Increase your Free-Premium-Conversion

The paywall integration is a premium feature with additional fees and is only available on enterprise plans.

BotTalk was created with publishers' needs in mind. Monetizing your audio content is done quickly with a couple of clicks.

Here is how BotTalk Audio Paywall works:

  1. A non-subscriber visits a webpage with premium content

  2. BotTalk player plays only a short preview of the audio article (the publisher decides how long)

  3. BotTalk then plays a Call to Action (also defined by the publisher)

Those paywall options are configurable in a simple user interface.

Check Enable Paywall to activate this feature. Decide how long the preview text should be in the Free paragraphs field.

BotTalk considers any sentence ending with the new line a paragraph.

Call to action: choose the text that will appeal to your readers and convert them to paying customers. You can also include instructions on how to become a subscriber.

Add a jingle: by using the SSML tag <audio src="URL"/> you can add a jingle before, in the middle or after the CTA. Just paste the tag in the selected position in the CTA field and replace the URL with the jingle URL.

BotTalk Audio Paywall is a premium feature and works only in combination with BotTalk Web Player.

Player Settings

To use the paywall integration you need to implement two different player code into your website.

Click on the Integrated Webplayer on the project site to see the integration code snippet.

  1. Implement the player code Full Article in your free content and in your paid content behind the paywall.

  2. Implement the player code Article Teaser in the paid content before the paywall.

How does BotTalk know which user has a premium subscription to your articles and which doesn't? The publisher communicates this information to BotTalk with a particular parameter in the BotTalk Web Player. Herefore, you need to add the player code to your CMS.

  1. Add the player code Full Article to your registered user without subscription in your CMS.

  2. Add the player code Article Teaser to your subscribers in your CMS.

Please contact us for more on the implementation details for your CMS.

Additional Security Settings

It is an additional method to secure full versions of your articles. If this is added, your users can head full version of article only with time signed token, which will updated on every page loading.

By clicking on the checkbox Enable more security your personal security code is available and you'll find detailed instructions to implement it.

Whitelisting BotTalk Parser for Firewall

If you're using Paywall feature in combination with BotTalk Parser, please make sure to whitelist BotTalk IP in order for BotTalk to parse articles behind the paywall:

Additionally, make sure to whitelist our HTTP Headers in your firewall settings:

"User-Agent", "bottalk/extractor.1.1."

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