See how listeners are engaging with your audio content.

The analytics show how listeners have been engaging with audio that has been manually or automatically embedded. This allows you to report on audio performance and can help you to optimize your audio strategy.

The statistics are based on every project and you can find them in the left corner of your project. You can select a specific time range and use the dropdown menu to choose the view you're interested in.

  • Unique users seen player: How many times your audio was loaded

  • Unique users started playback: How many times your audio was played

  • Reader-Listener-Conversion: How many reader turned into listener

  • Listening length: How many users listening more than 50 percent of article

  • Top 10 articles: See the top performing articles of the selected time range

  • Number of listeners by URLs: How many times each article was played

  • Cost of Audification: Track your TTS cost based on the selected time range

To best support your monetization strategy, we have developed specific statistics in combination with our premium features for this purpose.

  • Free-Premium-Conversion: How many free users turned into premium users and closed a subscription. This statistic is only available if you use our premium feature paywall.

  • Ad impressions: How many ads was played out. This statistic is only available if you use our audio ad feature.

  • Ad listening time: How many users heard 100% of the ad. This statistic is only available if you use our audio ad feature.

You can export analytics from any view as a CSV file by clicking on the download button. Furthermore, we developed an API to export your statistics directly to your selected provider. You can see the documentation in our API Reference - Reports.

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