To improve pronunciation of your selected voice

The Dictionaries is a set of tools that we created at BotTalk so you can quickly correct errors when converting text into speech. Without them, it was hard to make corrections without any technical knowledge.

With the Project and Organisation Dictionaries you can add your corrections to make your audio articles sound even more natural in your field of knowledge or your language.

With our Global Dictionary you get access to more than 20.000 words that BotTalk corrected for you in our global dictionary: personal names, special terms, local vocabulary.

Project Dictionaries

Let's take an example. We have this project with a German text:

If you click on play and listen, you can hear the problem with this text.

"Tiger Wood nach Autounfall wieder zu hause."

"Tiger Woods" is mispronounced. You can try to correct it right there in the text. However, it would be tedious if "Tiger Woods" will come up more than once or in other articles, as you might expect.

For you to correct the pronunciation of a word:

  1. You need to copy the wrong word ("Tiger Woods" in our example):

2. Go to Dictionaries:

3. In your project dictionary, you can create a replacement:

The "Source" is what we are replacing. You can also listen to how it sounds initially compared to your replacement. Use "Replacement" to add the word as it should be pronounced. Already it sounds way better.

Every text inside our tutorial project, which has "Tiger Woods" in it, will have the correction that we applied.

If you listen to this text, you will hear that the wrong word will be replaced with the replacement. You can also see the correction when you go and toggle the article locks:

If you want to correct the word within older articles, you need to resound them. Go to the article you want to resound and click on "Save Article":

After resounding, the error will be replaced.

Organisational Dictionaries

You can create an "Organisational Dictionary" by clicking on the "Add Organisation Dictionary" button:

There you can choose the language and the text-to-speech provider for the dictionary:

Once you create an Organisational Dictionary, all entries will be shared between all of your projects inside this organization. Meaning you don't have to add "Tiger Woods" to every single project in the Dictionaries. If you delete your word from the Project Dictionary, it will still be replaced in your article if the entry is in the Organisational Dictionary.

Make sure to add your new projects to your organization for the Organisational Dictionary to work. Go to "Configure this project":

In the "Organisation Acces Settings," you can select the organization. Make sure to save your project:

Global BotTalk Dictionaries

Last but not least, there is a "Global BotTalk dictionary." We from BotTalk add our entries to this dictionary. Once we add an entry to the Global Dictionaries, the word will be automatically replaced in every project on BotTalk's platform.

Suppose you think our replacement is not something you want to have in your Dictionary. It's pretty easy to change it. Just copy the word to your Organizational Dictionary and replace our replacement with the replacement you would like to have. If you resound your article, you will see that your Dictionary overwrites our Global Dictionary.

That is how BotTalks Dictionaries work! It is always a cascade, your Project Dictionary will overwrite the replacements you have in your Organisational Dictionary, and your Organisational Dictionary will overwrite our Global BotTalk Dictionary.

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