Good to know: Webhooks is a premium feature only available on Enterprise plans. Please get in touch with BotTalk Support to enable webhooks in your projects.

How do webhooks work?

Webhooks allow you to subscribe to notifications on article status changes.

Every time article status changes, our server will send a POST request to your webhook endpoint with the following body:

    "id": "cc35e0996a2e8e449d21d6b646678e7e",
    "status": "ready",
    "title": "Kreisstadt wird bis 2030 weiterwachsen",
    "webhook_id": 42

webhook_id variable is meant to be autoincremented. It can never be the same. Also, it can never decrease.

We won’t check for the response code of your webhook, and we won’t resend this call if your endpoint doesn’t respond.

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