📂Create a Project

A text-to-speech project is the central piece of BotTalk Audio CMS.

  1. In your dashboard go to Create Project.

  2. Choose a name for your project.

Language and voice selection

Select language and voice for the Text-to-Speech in your project. BotTalk supports four major TTS providers: Amazon Polly, Google Wavenet, IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure.

You can click the Listen button for a quick voice preview.

Choose a Content Source

Now that you know which voice will read your texts, you have to deliver these texts to BotTalk to convert them into speech.

There are four options:

If your website has the full-length RSS Feed, you can copy and paste the URL to the feed in the input field.

BotTalk support the following newYou can push your text content into BotTalk Audio CMS programmatically via our API.

Once you create your text-to-speech project with API as a content source, your project receives a unique API key.sfeed formats:

Make sure that your feed is formatted correctly before submitting it to BotTalk.

Contact us if the feed format you are using is not included.

Hit Create new project.

Now you can start configuring your new project.

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